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February 01 2012


Chronic kidney disease stages – how to determine them?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages are determined very easily. It is important to know which stage exactly you are in – once you know that, you can easily treat your kidney disease with the proper medication. You can learn more about CKD stages on CKD Stages Here are some important points:

Avoid medication, which can make you progress quicker to the next stage

Many doctors actually prescribe medication, which will damage your kidneys even more. Typically, this is all medication used for the treatment of the external symptoms of CKD. If you are suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure, putting more harmful medication in your body is only going to make your kidneys work even harder to remove the unnecessary chemical in your bloodstream. That’s why it is a good idea to avoid certain medication. Please consult a doctor, who has years of experience with kidney disease patients.

Which are the five chronic kidney disease stages (CKD stages)?

The five stages of CKD are very distinguishable. They are measured by the level of kidney failure you are experiencing. Certain chemicals found in your urine will tell the doctors how your kidneys are working. Usually, one kidney will start failing sooner than the other. This can be determined with an ultrasound or a PET scan. After the diagnosis has been made, you need to start following a diet, suitable for your particular condition. If you experience only a milk kidney function reduction, a low-protein and high-carbohydrate diet might be all you need. However, if you are in stage 4 you will need a very specific type of kidney diet, designed to reverse your condition.

Remember that your body is always able to repair the damage, which results from kidney disease. Regardless of which of the CKD stages you are in, this process can be started immediately. It may take months before you make full recovery, but it will eventually happen.

We still don’t know what causes CKD and why the five chronic kidney disease stages exist. All we know is that the kidney disease may be caused by your own body, when your immune system starts attacking living cells. This phenomenon is known as an autoimmune disease. The preferred method of treatment for autoimmune diseases and kidney failure is medication, which suppresses the immune system and reduces the damage to your kidneys. Keep in mind that this will not reverse your CKD – just slow down the progression.

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